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The topic of anxiety is one that is heavily avoided. It gets brushed under the carpet, locked under the stairs, pushed to the back of our minds. Well, it shouldn’t. Anxiety is real, it is happening, open your eyes and look around you.
Anxiety isn’t taboo, in fact it is far more common, and far more people are suffering with it EVERYDAY. The more we open our minds and truly think about it, the more we can help.

Personally, it is something I have struggled with for many years. It never has gone away, I have just leaned to adjust and cope with the struggles. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when it is severe, and I feel utterly consumed by all the thoughts and feelings it brings.
Social anxiety can be a particular struggle. Some days, I will walk further to an earlier bus stop, just so I don’t feel as though people are watching me look for a seat on the bus, watching me, judging me. Sounds stupid right? Well, it’s not.

Anxiety isn’t just thoughts and feelings, but rather physical as well.
When something is a particular struggle, it can feel as though it is crushing you.
Your breathing starts to get heavy, rapid. Your heart feels as though it can beat right out of your chest. Your chest gets tighter, with every breath you take, the fire inside burns and crushes you. You start to feel hot and sweaty, all you want to do is run away from it all, escape whatever situation you are in. But you feel stuck, rooted. Suddenly everybody around you is watching you, watching what you do next, judging every movement. It’s not vanity, it’s a delusion. Created by this evil little monster, called anxiety.

I applaud those who come forward and ask for help. It is one of the HARDEST things to do. But my god, if you can do it, you can get through it.
For those reading this who think “I couldn’t do that” or “that’s not an option” don’t worry! One way or another you will find that strength, that confidence, to ask for help. You WILL find the light at the end of the tunnel.

The more we talk about anxiety, the more we make people aware. The more awareness we can create, the more people will understand. The more understanding we create, the more recognition it will get. The more anxiety is recognised as an illness, the more help people will get.
It’s like dominos.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who reads this. If I can help even one person feel like they are not alone in their suffering then I have done my job.
Have a glorious day! ⭐️

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Phoenix Nights

  • New makeup
  • Missed trains
  • Farm animals
  • Arcade games

So that is my day in a nut shell! 

Got to try out my new lip scrub (lush) and red lipstick , obsessed! My lips have stayed non chapped (if that’s even a phrase .. I’m sure it’s not) for the whole day, which has been amazing, I was able to reapply my lipstick perfectly which is a first. My resting b**ch face has been on point today to show off the pout ha ha!

Anyway, before heading home we went on a little trip to the farm! I made friends with a goat (naturally) and cowered away from the horses. But now I realise I forgot to do something important. I forgot to tell someone who works there that a chicken was stuck in a fence.. I mean I had planned to do so, and I only got reminded by seeing the picture I took. (For all intensive purposes of making a meme). What has my life come to. This is what happens when I have free time…

Thought it would be nice to go to the pier before my train left, just spend some time in the arcades and have a little fun.

Me: what time shall we leave for the station?

“About 20 past 4”

Me: it’s 25 past.


Watching the train leave was fun.

Looks like Brighton gets me for a little bit longer ❤️✌🏻

*side note: gained 324 tickets in the arcade.

*phoenix nights was watched in peace and viewing was not in any way affected by the events of this day.

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Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling

So if you’re reading this then you are incredibly bored , have nothing better to do, are addicted to random blogs/blogging, or are genuinely interested in what I have to say.
Last full day in Brighton, the weekend is going by so fast. That’s probably because I am genuinely enjoying it. I’m enjoying my life. I has only been a week but getting my life back has done me the world of good.
I’m waking up at 8am without the aid of 5 alarms. I’ve eaten 3 square meals almost every day. I’ve got up and got shit done.
This is how it’s supposed to be.
Anyway, I don’t particularly want to leave Brighton, I love it here – and that’s not just because it’s sunny at the moment. Even when it rains it is positively beautiful here. A sight for sore eyes if you will. I’m resisting temptation to accidentally on purpose miss my train home tomorrow…
I feel in control. I even have a skincare routine morning and night which I (for once) have time to stick to!
Also, (and this will come as a surprise to anybody who’s known me for a few years) I let a hairdresser cut my hair… the tiniest amount of course… but (now for the shock) she told me how lovely not only the colour of my hair was (it’s almost natural right now) but also how good the condition of it is. Words I have wanted to hear for the last 10 years, give or take.
So I’m currently on my way to Portsmouth to do some shopping 🙌🏻 and enjoying some gluten free cola bottles – snack gods! But I have to stop eating them because otherwise I will fill up before lunch! Yes, lunch. I aim to eat lunch again. (13 year old me would be disgusted).
It’s quite fun writing a blog again. But I’m signing off now as I have a beautiful sunset to view ☀️